​​"I enjoyed stepping away from my desk for 20 minutes and have had several people comment on my nails! What a great convenience and treat to have your nails done at work!"                  


​​"As busy working moms, we all know that time to ourselves is like unwrapping your favorite Christmas gift under the tree...Well, thanks to Mani-pro I just had had that very same experience....Who in the world would think that this gift would come in the form of getting it done in the convenience of my very own workplace?? This idea is both ideal and enjoyable; the owner, Lisa Reardon was well-spoken, yet personable, not to mention the GORGEOUS manicure that I received in a matter of minutes. Time to get back to the grind, but couldn't help but rave about this amazing idea. Until next time, Mani-Pro..."


"Wow! That was the best! I am a mom and have absolutely no time​ for myself. Between the commute to and from work, evening chores and weekend activity with kids​ ManiPro@Work is brilliant"


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